Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.

Blackburn has a museum! Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but it does and it’s actually quite nice there. It’s nice to know that not all hope is lost academically.

I really enjoyed my day there. I learned quite a lot and was slightly inspired. Not by art, not by film, music or anything like that. I was inspired by the architecture. It instantly sent church bells ringing in my head. The architecture of The Hart Collection room is absolutely beautiful. Some of the worlds best and most prized architectural structures are churches and the The Hart Collection room mimics the arched roof of many churches around the world and I was instantly drawn to it. The room gave a religious atmosphere and I decided to write a documentary on it.

I first wrote some key things about the room and the documentary I plan to make. The documentary will be three minutes long and feature an interview with the Curator of the museum and a continuous montage.

After speaking to the Curator, I gathered some information that I wasn’t expecting, but I learned quite a lot. I learned that the room had a church like atmosphere completely unintentionally. The museum was built in 1874 which means the style of the room was completely normal for that era. Though, the architecture wasn’t the only thing I was taken by.

As you walk into the room, you instantly notice three stained glass windows in frames, much like a church’s. The windows are labelled ‘Literature, Art and Science’ and were formally the real windows for that room. They were removed in the 1970’s to protect them from sun light damage.

After writing this information down in my workbook, I then wrote down some shots that I might use. For the interview I will traditionally use a medium close-up as the shot shows the face more clearly without getting uncomfortably close. For the montage I will use a variety of shots, focusing on the collection. The windows are a main focus so I will get a variety of shot types for them.

I then started working on the interview questions. I have six open questions to ask the Curator which were specifically wrote to gather as much information as possible. This is why I am using open questions. The final edit should have the Curators answers seamlessly throughout the documentary. I want none of my questions cut into the final edit. Closed questions would give me short answers, which is not what I am looking for.

I then wrote a little on the lighting and sound. I noticed the lighting in The Hart Collection Room was very dimly lit, this is both a curse and a blessing. I want the interview to take place in The Hart Collection Room and the lighting for this doesn’t really make it easy. I am hoping to loan out a small spot light which will be placed on the opposite side of the looking space outside the frame.  The montage shots however, the lighting is perfect. It will give that eerie church atmosphere and as the display cases are individually lit, this will frame the shot beautifully.

I want no music in the documentary. I want to give the religious atmosphere I first felt when I walked into the room back to the audience. A church is a place of worship and must be respected, and nothing says respect quite like silence.

I have booked an interview for tomorrow at 2pm. I will arrive beforehand to shoot my montage shots. I feel like I am well prepared and I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures due to the quality of my phones camera, but I have managed to loan one and will update this post tomorrow.

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