Testing the Camera.

Today I plan to shoot my documentary, unfortunately due to the faculty moving buildings I am unable to book any equipment for the shoot. I managed to acquire a still image camera with moving image capabilities, (Canon CoolPix L810) however after some test shots I have learned that the zoom is extremely poor while shooting. The frame rate drops significantly, meaning, when recording a moving image it tends to jump as the frame rate drops.

This is extremely problematic and will cause issues. The camera will be great to use for the montage, but the interview is likely to fail. I haven’t yet tested the sound quality, but I expect the outcome to have the same fate as the zoom.

I am happy that I tested the camera and I hope that I can work around the issues I am faced with. I will continue to follow through with the documentary as a learning curve and an experiment with still image camera’s used in moving image productions.

I will test the sound shortly.


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