Roundabouts – Day 1

Today we did our ’roundabouts’, which basically means that we have started a small cycle where we will swap between pathways during the first semester. I can see how this is a good idea for some people and maybe I’m just being a little immature when saying this, but I personally don’t think this is for me. I understand that trying new things and experimenting with different pathways can really help some people choose a little more wisely and open them up to new concepts, but I felt today that I was back at school doing school work. I am incredibly passionate about film and I really can’t wait till the next semester to start working on my own material. I hope that I find something on the other pathways that I can maybe incorporate into my work, but today I didn’t.

My group today did textiles in the morning and I have to be honest, I hated it. I really tried to open myself up to it, but I found myself getting a little stressed as I had no idea what to do with it. So, instead of diving straight into textiles I wrote a poem and tried to work around that to see if I could find something. Here is the Poem I wrote.

The room was dark and silent

Ghosts of church bells ring

A house of God or a dead man’s trinkets?

A house where angels sing

They glare down at me

Throwing teachings of old scholars

I wrote this poem about the feeling I first had when entering The Hart Collection Room. How the windows captured a church like atmosphere, working with the architecture to give that enlightened feeling. After this, I printed the poem onto paper using ink, a plastic sheet and some paper.





From the pictures, you can see the steps I took to create this poem. It’s not really textiles, but I did use the time to experiment with a different pathway.

In the afternoon, we did a little Fine Art. Again it isn’t my thing, but with Fine Art, I feel like I tried. The aim was to find a few pictures and create something by sticking two or more photo’s together. I decided to use my own work in this case. I decided to use the poem and create a visual representation of the words. In fact, I actually used the printed poem in the work.




As you can see, I used the actual print for my art piece. Personally I don’t really like it. I tried to go with the theme of The Hart Collection Room having a religious atmosphere. I cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a church and then used an oil pastel to draw around it. I then stuck in three pictures to represent Literature, Art and science. I used the skull to represent history in literature, (Hamlet) the modern art to show that even though we are a modern culture we are still moving forward and finally I used an image of machinery to show that science is still pushing our species further. I then wrote the words Art, literature and science around the outside in black red and blue. To finish it off, I took an altered quote from my poem. ‘Is this a house of God or a house of trinkets.’ I like this because it says that the room does have a religious atmosphere, but it was unintentional.

I like the idea of visual poetry, so in a way the roundabouts did help at the same time as not helping. It gave me the opportunity and time to experiment with different things while at the same time forcing me to work. I think I will start to research visual poems within film.

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