The Irony of Horror


Horror, to me is pretty ironic because the genre has unfortunately died out. Nothing shocks people anymore, makes them scream or have nightmares. Every horror film seems to be the same. I mean, some have tried to resuscitate it, like those from Blumhouse Productions, but nobody seems to be able to recreate the effect it had on people back when films like The Exorcist were released. Personally, (and this is a very biased post) I really do believe that nobody will bring the genre back. Nothing original has been released since the classics and this really upsets me. I love a good horror film, when I was a kid I used to stay up late to watch them. Back then, they had a huge effect on me. They scared me. Maybe horror films should be made with the intention to scare children?

 I want to see something completely different and horrifying, maybe not The Human Centipede horrifying, but something that makes my bones shake. I really enjoy classic Japanese horror. Things like the original Grudge or The Ring are great. The Japanese seem to have a good grasp on horror. Well maybe not so much horror, but definitely an imitation of it. I think I may do a little research and try to recreate a short horror in the style of an old Japanese classic. The Japanese have some excellent cultural stories and it would be good to turn one of those into a short three minute horror.

But that is the irony of horror, horror is dead. Only this time, I don’t think it is coming back to life.


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