Roundabouts – Day 2

Day two of our roundabouts was much better. I felt like I had accomplished something different by the end of the day, which I guess is a success. Textiles, again for me was absolutely awful. I really had no idea what to do. I tried stitching but I kept pricking fingers, and it all just came out at the end anyway. Fine Art however, I really did enjoy.

 At first, I was quite lost on what to do, but eventually I found the courage to actually try and make something I can be proud of. I had a look around and found an advertisement, advertising clothing or perfume, I can’t really remember. I also found a cut out of these Korean soldiers on parade. I cut off the models head and replaced it with the tiny cut out of one of the Korean soldiers marching.

 I looked at the piece and thought it was missing something, I didn’t really know what it was missing so I picked up some paint. We had been looking into some famous pop artists and some of the work was done by painting postcards. So, I thought I could incorporate some of that into my work. I picked up a postcard provided by one of the lecturers and painted it red, I ten took the handle of a paint brush and painted a cross. I then took the postcard and printed the cross onto the paper. After this, I glued on my Korean model. I used a cross to represent what had inspired me at the museum, but even after this it still felt like it wasn’t finished.

 I liked what it looked like, but I still wanted to do more and include some more inspiration. I thought about a haiku that one of the other students had written about a painting they liked. I remembered what the painting looked like, so I used my fingers to mimic it. (I will say I tried to be creative, but there just wasn’t a paintbrush spare)

This is my final product.


I really liked the finished product as it reminds me of a cartoon I saw about the illusion of free will. The cartoon is of a cow who has two choices, to take the left door, or the right door. But both doors inevitably lead to the slaughter house, giving the cow the illusion of free will.


My piece reminds me of this because to me, the bright colours represent how life is supposed to be this wonderful thing, the Korean model represents something being controlled and the cross means a higher power. This is why it reminded me of the cartoon of the cow. It represents that life is controlled and everything you do is monitored, giving you the illusion of free will. Just like the cow.

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