Roundabouts – Day 3

This weeks roundabouts has been a breath of fresh air to me. I finally have a taste of what is to come and I love it. The mornings session was quite interesting, working with low shutter speeds to capture light trails was quite exciting and really fun to experiment with. I attempted to get some good photographs, however my skill isn’t really what I would call good. At all. In fact, it took me a while to manage to even capture the light trails. I was unaware that in order to capture it, you had to hold down the capture button down to let the light in before letting go. Even with my lack of skill, I really enjoyed the session and look forward to more on Thursday.


My work wasn’t nearly as professional as this, but you get the idea.

After a short break, we were then told to capture an image of something without being able to distinguish what that object is. This was what I thought, a really simple task,. But it wasn’t. It gave me a chance to really experiment with photography and see what the camera can do. I changed a few settings and played around with the camera. I took some images of some simple things such as; keyholes, door signs, cars, etc. All of which were distinguishable. I tried fiddling with the settings again and nothing was visible in the images. It was pitch black. It reminded me of the light capture in the earlier session and I took what I learned and used it to my advantage. I started using the low light aperture speeds and photographed some lights in the hall. I got a really dark and almost lunar effect from the lights. They looked like moons. Some of the photographs I took really impressed me and made me proud of my work.

The afternoon session was something I am more familiar with. Media. In this session we talked about the history and evolution of film and cinema. Starting from the earliest art form, cave paintings. It’s strange because painting or art in that context, never really interested me, but I was inspired by the idea of our ancestors recording their lives through a very simple way. We also talked about other art forms such as; architecture, poetry and eventually photography and film. I learned quite a lot about the film culture when it started in 1895 with The Lumiere Brothers and their footage of the train.

We then talked about scratch film and how painters and other artists such as Stan Brakhage created art using clear 35mm film. We watched a film called Mothlight which was created by Stan Brakhage using the wings of moths. The film itself is very poetic and to me, represents life.

We were also shown a scratch film made by students and discussed the pro’s and con’s of the film in preparation for our own scratch film. I particularly enjoyed the animation side and the small cartoons drawn by the students. It reminded me of the cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, so I think I will focus on a small animation when I come to play with a 35mm film and some paint.



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