Experimenting With Photoshop, Again

After playing with the threshold of the image in Photoshop, I decided I should take it further but I didn’t really know how. I looked at both of the images and thought about what I could do to progress my experimentation further.

 I then remembered an artist from my roundabout in Fine Art. John Stezaker from Worcester, uses two or more different images and merges them into one. This technique is incredibly simple but also very beautiful.


This image is my favorite.  It’s called Pair IV and was created in 2007. Both images were found by Stezaker from either magazines or even from bins. Pair IV is a picture of a couple staring at each other, however Stezaker has placed a postcard over the top with a photograph of a valley between two cliff faces. The postcard has been strategically placed to replace the faces of the couple (or pair) with the rocky textured faces of the cliff. This is the photo that kind of inspired my progression.



So, I took these images and added threshold until I came up with something I liked. This is what I finalized after adding threshold.



I took a minute to look at the images and my inspiration from John Stezaker forced me to want to merge the images together somehow. So I noticed the cat has no eye, the threshold was to low for it to be visible. The dog however, did. I then used the Lasso tool to cut out the dog’s eye and add it to the image of the cat. I instantly fell in love with the image. I liked it because the eye made the dog look quite sad. In fact her eyes were the reason eye photographed her. When I placed her eye over the cat, they became different. As if they were meant to be there. The sad eyes of the dog became the shocked and almost alert expression of the cat, but I still wanted to take it further.

I took some photograph’s of the process and one of them stood out.


Here is where I printed the images out to merge them, or to have a good look at them. I also used the image of the dog for ink printing.


In the screen you can see that I am playing with the eye on Photoshop.


This is the point where I lasso’d the eye out. I wanted to take the black strip to see if it could work within the image of the cat. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The texture from the dog’s fur differed too much from the fur of the cat.


I purposely put all the pictures on the screen to show my progress. I wanted to show how I got from two photographs to a single image.


This is the final image. I photographed the image on the screen to see what kind of effect I could get from it. This image, I do like but the image below is my favorite.


I absolutely love the border around the image of the cat. The screen also gave it a kind of pixel effect, almost as if a mesh had been placed over it. I am really proud of this photograph and I’m really proud of the process I took and the progress I made to finish it. These photographs were never intentionally used for work. I was actually testing the camera but managed to get some photographs that were personal to myself. I love the eyes of my dog and the lighting on the cat was purely experimental. The eye is the main focus of this piece and I really feel like I have captured something I can be proud of.


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