Future Shorts – Autumn 2013

This was the first Future Shorts I had been too and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I will probably start going to them every quarter. I didn’t even know Blackburn did film festivals, it’s actually quite surprising considering the general public and their ability to have any creative thought. Anyway, I will copy out the programme and write what I thought of the film, I will also try to find some links to the films online.


Dir: Andrew Hinton, India – 2011

Amar is 14 and top of his class. Someday he’d like to be a professional cricketer, but for now he’s the family’s main breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week on top of attending school in the afternoons.

This short observational documentary is a simple journey with Amar through his daily life.

Personally I found this film quite tedious. It was quite misleading, there was no mention of Amar’s aspiration to become a cricketer. It was really just a montage of Amar doing things in his day. Wake up, get dressed, go to work etc. I didn’t really like this film at all.


Dir: Meghan O’Hara, United States – 2008

Experimental documentary exploring the gap between language and perception. Through parallel inquiries into cognitive psychology, linguistics, etymology  and ultimately, the commercial color industry, director Meghan O’Hara presents the viewer with a lush meditation on the centrality of color in our everyday experience.

I really enjoyed this film, it was exactly what I expected it to be, vibrant in colours and quite poetic in terms of visuals. It had some beautiful close ups. It was beautiful.


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