Shisha Ad Campaign – Production Meeting Two

After I compiled the research, and we gathered an idea and talked about progression, I wrote a shot list and with this shot list we managed to get a good idea of what the final piece would look like. We started talking about story boarding and thought it would be a good idea to ask a fine art student if they could pitch in and develop a story board which we can use for the shoot. We thought this would be beneficial for both the production team and the fine art student, as we could use a well drawn storyboard and the fine art student could present it as work.

We also talked about casting, dates and costume design.

For casting we had a look on and couldn’t really find anything in the local area, so we had a look around campus and there was no look there either. Then we discovered that the fine art student drawing the story board could pass off as a fairly decent Alice. We asked her and she agreed that she would play the lead roll. Others in the production team also agreed to play the roles of Tweedledum, Tweedledee and The Caterpillar.

For costume design we asked other students if they could provide a costume to match Alice and luckily enough one student was kind enough to agree to us using her Alice in Wonderland halloween costume. For Tweedledum and Tweedledee we looked at striped shirts and maybe getting a small budget for the shoot. Obviously the answer was no, but it was always worth a shot. For The Caterpillar we thought it would be a good idea to use a sleeping bag and paint it lots of weird colours, but some disagreed and so we looked into other ideas. Some thought it would be a good idea to have Tweedledum and Tweedledee dressed in a tracksuit, and The Caterpillar dressed in a suit. I thought this was a terrible idea personally, as it takes the identity away from the characters. I couldn’t understand how the audience would identify the story of Alice in Wonderland. However, I was outvoted and the idea stuck.

I soon began to work on a time schedule to keep everyone happy as I am leaving for South Africa in the next few days. I looked at our college schedule and added a break for half term as I would be in a different country.

Thursday: 17/10/13 – Shot listing, storyboarding and role assignments.

Tuesday: 22/10/13 – Casting, costume design and further research. (shoot recce ect.)

Thursday: 24/10/13 – Shoot recce.


Tuesday: 05/11/13 – Begin shoot. (all day!)

Thursday: 07/11/13 – Finish shoot. (all day!)

Tuesday: 12/11/13 – Begin edit. (all day!)

Thursday: 14/11/13 – Finish edit. (all day!)

After I finished this, I emailed it to the production team. I also told them that I felt like we are ready to shoot after half term. I’m looking forward to the future of the Shisha ad.


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