Shisha Ad Campaign – Production Meeting Four

Today was the day we planned to shoot, but further issues arose when our actress quit the role on the last minute. It isn’t her fault as she was getting behind on her own work. We talked about alternatives but it was quite hard to see any. I felt as though we had to abandon the production and start from phase one. Another production member didn’t agree and decided if we had to change the idea then that person would leave. That also caused problems. We had to find another actress and fast, because we had a few minutes before we pitched our progress to out tutor. Luckily, the student we originally booked our costume with turned up unexpectedly. However, no costume was with her. A production member asked if she would play the role of Alice, and handed her a dress. The dress didn’t look anything like what we needed. It was dark blue and had white polka dots. So I was still on board the whole abandoning ship idea and starting fresh. When we pitched the idea to our tutor we found more problems than we first anticipated. My vision of the advert wouldn’t be possible due to time spent on editing the colour correction. The advert wasn’t feasible. So we went back to square one. We talked about what Shisha is and started making jokes. Then it came to us. Comedy. We decided to take a comedic route as it is absolutely ridiculous that people actually spend money on this garbage. We talked about the stupidity and came up with stupid, funny ideas. My favourite idea was a cooking show, or something similar to the popular internet show, ‘Will it Blend?’ We then split into two groups and started to develop a further idea.

My group started looking at the internet show and instantly we all came up with ideas that we could incorporate into the ad. We decided that it would be a good idea to use the television studio and do a three camera shoot of a cooking show were we make shisha, but make it as disgusting and ridiculous as possible. I had an idea to make a three course meal of flavoured shisha, but then that developed to having a Mcdonalds flavoured shisha, which also developed to a Sunday dinner flavoured shisha. We also talked about adding ingredients such as tar, cement powder and cancerous tumours to the mix.

By the end of the day I felt like we had accomplished so much more than we did at the beginning of the day. I’ve really learned from this. I learned that I have to look into feasibility more before going ahead with plans. However I think we did quite well in terms of using initiative when things go wrong. I will write a screenplay for a three camera cooking show.


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