Shisha Ad Campaign – The production so far.

I recently came back to college after a trip to South Africa. We planned to shoot on the following Tuesday, but I was far to tired from the journey to make it in. My production team didn’t let me down though as they proceeded to shoot without me. They said that the shoot went really well, but it was different when we got round to reviewing the footage. When I looked at the footage there seemed to be too many problems. The biggest and most noticeable was the exposure. Most of the shots were either over or under exposed to the point where it was unusable. This was due to the camera being on auto. However, some of the shots were really good in terms of framing and cinematography, so kudos to the camera operator. Another problem I found was the location. The ally was far too small for the shoot. There was also a lot of foot traffic from the busy town centre behind. There was also a problem with costume. The student we organised costume hire with didn’t show, which made the shoot quite hard for the team. The partner of one of the team members kindly came in to do make-up, it was a big help but it didn’t really make up for the loss of costume. Without an establishing costume, there is no story. If we ran with the footage, even if it was good on a technical level, it still wouldn’t have worked. I discussed these issues with the footage and they agreed that it was unusable. This isn’t necessarily¬†a bad thing as we have all learned from this experience. It was a good step in the right direction as the more mistakes we make, the more we learn from them.

We discussed location first of all, as the location chosen was far too busy and very limited in terms of cinematography. Only one side of the ally could be shot. I looked on Google maps and found an ally that would suit the style a little better. It’s very rural and quite a stereotypical council house ally.


This is the ally I chose for the production. It’s close to college and can be used to a great advantage. The only issue is with the residents, but I’m sure if we explain what we are doing to anyone who has issues, they will be fine. If not, there are many ally’s like this in the area.

The next thing we discussed was costume. I asked the actress if she could throw something together that would resemble the Lewis Carol character. We then discussed camera techniques. We talked about getting workshops on the camera’s so that we all fully understand exposure and white balance. We are all in agreement and are ready to start a re-shoot next week.


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