Shisha Ad Campaign – The Shoot

Today is the day we shoot our shisha ad, finally. The first thing I did in the morning as I arrived on set was hunt down the actor. Now, to my surprise my actor had to unfortunately cancel on the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. A catering tutor was off sick and John had to take over, only giving us about twenty minutes for the shoot, which wasn’t enough time at all. Luckily we had a plan B. One of our production team members has had experience in acting before, not that much, but enough. One problem was that he didn’t really have enough time to learn the script, and we didn’t have a costume.

I arrived in the morning and set up the set. I used a general school table and a foot stool to place the items on. I did some shopping the previous night for the ingredients. I bought:

  • KY Jelly (Glycerine)
  • Golden Syrup
  • Treacle (Tar)
  • Baking Powder (Concrete)
  • Beetroot (Cancer)

I also brought in some left over Sunday dinner for the flavour and a blender for a prop. I also bought some part cups and bowls etc to keep the ingredients in. After it was all set up, I made my way down to the catering department to try my luck with hiring a costume for the shoot. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a chef’s jacket for the evening and a chef’s hat. I collected these items and went back to the studio. Waiting for me was my crew, we made our way in and got started. I had three cameramen, a floor manager and a vision mixer. I directed from the podium.

We set up mic’s and tested sound, for camera’s, floor manager and actor. One the sound levels were good we set up the lighting. We used three lights all together. Two on either side of the table and one directly behind. Once we got the master levels sorted, the lighting was pretty good. I was quite happy with it.

The shoot itself was okay, I spent most of my time directing the floor crew and vision mixer from the mixing room, but at times I went down to the studio to direct the actor. Mostly I had my floor manager direct him through the headset. We did a few takes and tried to get the script word for word, but there wasn’t enough time for him to learn it as time was running out quickly. So I thought it would be better for him to get an idea of what order the script is in and do his best to improvise. I was quite surprised by his ability to improvise. It was great. I mean, the acting it’s self wasn’t really good, but it was exactly what this production needed and it worked incredibly well in the production. Everything he said was absolutely genius, from cheesy puns to things that didn’t even make sense. After a few more takes, I wrapped the production, confident that we had enough footage to cut together an advert worthy for the council.


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