Shisha Ad Campaign – The Edit

Due to the advert being shot in a three camera studio, there wasn’t much to edit as most of the footage was edited in the vision mix live in the studio. However there were some things that needed to be changed and added. The best run through of the advert was the last one. Unfortunately when a production member left the studio, so did one of the props. The tobacco. In its place we used some tissues. So within the edit we cut a part with the tobacco in the frame and pasted it on top of the raw cut in a new video layer. The problem with doing this is that each take of the advert we did was completely different as it was 100% improvised, and all edited in the vision mix. This made editing extremely difficult in post production. The main issue we had was continuity errors. In one scene there was a blender on the table and in another there wasn’t. So in order to fix this we took an extreme close-up of the tobacco, pasted it over the raw cut and then repeated it, reversed it and continued until the introduction was over. This, as you can imagine, wasn’t really a great (or professional for that matter) editing technique in this particular case, however it was all we could do. We watched the playback and the repetition grew on us and it was quite funny and matched the dialogue.

The covering of the tissue was the only thing we really needed to do in terms of patching up the edit, we next needed to add text. When I directed the shoot, I intensionally left some room around the character so I could use the space in edit to add some text. However, I feel like I left too much space. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it made me feel a bit uneasy about the final cut. Anyway, we added text as the products/ingredients were introduced. The text was imported as a list to give it a cooking show theme or atmosphere. We also looked through the footage and felt like it would be a good idea to incorporate ideas from the previous production by using hash tags. As hash tags have become increasingly popular in terms of social media, not having one would probably be bad research. As we were going for the comedy angle, we decided to add more than one and to add them when the dialogue from our improv artist didn’t really make sense. For example; #carrhymeswithcar, #forsomewhatever. I quite liked the hash tags we added, it certainly gives it that comedic value we wanted.


Tobacco listed in the corner next to the logo.


The list continues.


The framing on the close ups was off when the list was up.


NHS ending.

All comedy to the side, the matter is in fact quite serious as is the message we are trying to get across. So at the end of the advert I thought it was a good idea to add a short message with an NHS logo and a website people could visit for more information.

All in all, I feel like the final cut isn’t really what I wanted, however I have learned a lot from this experience. I learned how to properly use a three camera studio and direct the stage from the podium. I also learned how to light the studio with a professional switchboard. Not only have I learned all these technical skills, I have also learned a lot about directing. My approach to directing wasn’t really firm and due to this my vision mixer tended to do his own thing. I feel in order to grasp the directional role firmly, I have to speak up and take control of the production team. I really enjoyed this experience, however stressful it was. It was a good way to improve my personal skills and my technical skills, although I am glad it’s finally over.

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