Utopia and Dystopia – V For Vendetta


Today I attended a really interesting lecture about Utopia and Dystopia in film. We had three visiting lecturers from Lancaster University to discuss hope and fear in utopian and dystopian environments, whether that was in film, art, photography or even real life situations.

The first lecture was given by Dr Bulent Diken.

V For Vendetta has had a huge impact on the political world, the social world and the modern revolution. The film itself is set in a very dystopian world, filled with corruption and hatred. However the main character V gives off a sense of hope and enlightenment and by the end of the film it becomes utopian. The film has made such a huge impact as it uses a fictional character and a fictional world to speak truth about the politics in a post modern world. This fictional character however has become a public figure across the world. For example the internet army known as anonymous. V is both mortal and immortal in the film, though his character dies, his idea and his memory lives forever and that has been transferred into our world. V isn’t just a mask, he is in fact a real idea, he is a body without an image and an image without a body. Dr Diken also talks about something he calls ‘Dischantive Synthesis.’ He talks about how bio politics and post politics cannot work in unison, but also cannot work apart. He also spoke of ‘Political Materialism’, which means that there are only bodies and languages within the political world.


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