On My Way

I managed to finish a rough edit of my screenplay today.


INT – Bedroom, night.
HOLLY lies in bed awake shifting uncomfortably waiting for the CLOCK to strike three. She watches the clock, it ticks and it mocks her and it ticks some more. The rain TAPS the window furiously and the THUNDER cracks the atmosphere in half.
The clock strikes three and Holly shifts her feet over the edge of the bed and slips her feet into her slippers. She walks to her wardrobe and pulls out a SMALL BOX hidden underneath her dirty clothes. She takes a look inside, closed the lid and heads for the door.
INT – Hallway, night.
Holly walks down the hall and stops at her parents door, opens it a little, the door creeks loudly. She takes a peak to see that her parents are fast asleep.
Holly closes the door, heads for the bathroom and switches on the light before closing the door behind her.
INT – Bathroom, night.
Holly places the box on the floor, sits down and opens it, revealing its contents. She pulls out an old DOLL that has black tape over its eyes. Holly removes the tape from the eyes of the doll. They stare at each other for a long moment.
Holly pulls out a small bag of rice from the box and begins to fill base of the DOLL with RICE. Holly pulls a hair from her head and places inside the doll. Holly then pulls a NEEDLE and thread from the box and begins to stitch the doll together.


INT – Same bathroom, night.

The TAP is RUNNING, filling the SINK. Once the sink is filled Holly turns off the tap. Holly watches the filled sink for a moment, before turning to pick up the doll. They stare at each other again. Holly places the doll in the water and baptises it.


In the name of the Lord, the Son and the  Holy Spirit.

Holly takes a RAZOR from her father’s wash bag and cuts her finger, letting the blood DRIP into the water.
In the name of the Lord, the Son and the
HOLY Spirit.
Holly pulls the doll from the water and places it on a towel. She dries the water from the doll, picks it up and stares at it.
I will name you MOLLY. Do you want to play a game?
Let’s play Hide and Seek Molly.
Holly takes a large KNIFE from the box and holds it over the dolls heart. She begins to stab the doll three times.
Holly is first it. Holly is first it.
Holly is first it.
She places the doll back into the sink, turns out the light and covers her face in the corner of the room.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one! Ready or not, here I come!
Holly walks over to the sink and pulls out the doll.
I found you Molly. Now you find me.
The girl takes the knife and stabs the doll one more time before heading for the door. The water in the sink begins to drain.
INT – Living Room, later.
The TELEVISION is on, showing only static. Holly hides behind the sofa awaiting her new friend to play. All is silent.
The television starts to flicker and STATIC gets louder through the speakers. The rain FALLS harder and the THUNDER grows louder. Holly’s fear grows stronger by the second and her regret is oozing from her pours. The television flicks to different channels.
Ready or not, here I come.
A loud BANG ricochets through the atmosphere and the sound of FOOTSTEPS begin to form above. Holly’s lips tremble in fear. The footsteps stop somewhere in the hallway above. A door CREEKS open and the footsteps haunt the atmosphere again.
The television flickers.
Where are you?
The FOOTSTEPS begin to get louder and the stairs CREEK slowly. Holly slumps down and puts her head in her knees. Her hands shake violently as the living room door SWINGS open.
The television flickers.
I know you’re here.

Holly begins to cry and a gust of wind blows the wind chime above. The curtain covering her crying body begins to open slowly. Holly sinks her head further into her knees.

Holly? What’s wrong and why aren’t you in bed?
Holly’s red eyes look up to see her mother looking worried. She jumps into her mother’s arms where she feels safe.
It’s okay baby girl, I’m here.
Holly climbs to her feet and wipes her eyes. Her mother leads her out of the living room door with a large knife hiding behind her back.

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