Tomorrow I Need To:

Tomorrow I plan on making the final edits to my screenplay. I spent some time editing a printed copy as a rough and made some edits. I highlighted the dialogue as I’m not sure what to do with it. I think I may take some away because I have put more than I thought I would into it, and I’m not entirely sure my actress can perform well when reading script. I also made some changes to the script and actions. I also wrote down what I need to add. For example, I want to have the doll named Molly after our dog who sadly passed away a few years ago. I want the actress to miss her dog so much that she would attempt something dangerous and quite taboo. I need to show the audience that it is her beloved pooch she is trying to summon.


Front cover. I’m thinking of changing the name to ‘HIDE AND SEEK, ALONE.’


Adding more dialogue.


Things I need to do.

I also need to write a shot list before booking out any equipment. I will spend most of the day doing this as I want to be prepared. In the mean time, I will have my sister learn her lines and practice for the shoot.

I want to experiment with lighting gels. After watching some tutorials that I posted a couple of days ago, I learned that I need to use blue gels to light a night time scene. So I will book out a DSLR and some gels to play with lighting. I will take pictures of my sister for research and casting.


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