Hitori Kakurenbo – The Shoot

Hitori Kakurenbo took roughly two evenings to shoot and it wasn’t easy. I had previously played around with lighting and lighting gels to experiment with the look that I wanted. The first problem I encountered was that it wasn’t so easy to shoot without the correct lighting equipment. I lit my scenes with an office desk lamp and a blue lighting gel which had been attached using a small piece of string tied around the base. Most of my walls are white so I used the white walls as reflectors. I really had to fiddle with the light for quite a long time to get the look that I wanted, sometimes it was too dark and other times it was too red. Especially the bedroom scenes as the walls are pink, which gave the lighting a gloomy pink colour. I kind of liked it though, it set the scene as a girls bedroom. The audience see pink and think, ‘this is a girls room.’ However that wasn’t the only thing I had to do. My actress is a lot older than I wanted her to seem. I wanted to knock at least four years of her age for this production. so I had a dig around her room and around the house and found some of her old toys. I then re-arranged her room to make her seem younger. I feel like this worked. My sister is twelve years old and by the look of her room after I was finished, she was either extremely immature for her age or she was between six and eight years old. Not long after the room transformation, it was time to get the tapes rolling. Well, SD card rolling. Digital media is taking over.

It was quite difficult to work with my sister as it was the first film she had starred in, she was far too excited and I had to shout at her quite a few times to make her stop grinning. The first few scenes went quite well and Holly did quite a good job, but then I had to move the light and fiddle with it again. It was quite stressful as the continuity was extremely difficult to match in terms of lighting. It took a while but I feel like I got there. After the bedroom scenes it was time to shoot in the hallway, I found it difficult to get the lighting right as the walls (or reflectors) in the hallway were different colours. So the hallways scene gave off a blue glow instead of a pink glow. I wasn’t a huge fan of the change but unless I wanted to paint the walls pink, there was nothing I could really do. So I continued. The hallways scenes went okay, I feel like they could have been better due to the lighting, but I am quite happy with it.


Here you can see the difference between the lighting in the hallway (left) and the bedroom (right).


You can see it a little better here.

The bathroom scenes were a lot easier because the room was lit using the light bulb on the ceiling. so I didn’t have to mess around with it. Holly did extremely well in the bathroom scenes, but I wasn’t happy with some of the footage so I decided to call it a night and continue the next day. I wanted to shoot the whole thing in one evening but there was a problem with shooting the living room scenes.


The day I come home with a camera, decorating.

 The next day I continued with the shoot. I first re-shot all the bathroom scenes and managed to get what I wanted. Then I could finally move to the living room scenes. I started with a few montage shots of photos and of the clock, and then I shot the television and left it on record while I played with Youtube on the Television and found some static.


Static is scary! Poltergeist.

I had to bring out the lamp for the living room scenes and by now you probably know how I feel about that damn light. Such a ball ache to set up and mess around with. However, like always I eventually got there and finished the shoot. Overall the shoot was stressful, but it felt good to have finished something. And to have actually started to make some film.


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