Hitori Kakurenbo – The Edit

Editing Hitori Kakurenbo wasn’t exactly easy. It was quite stressful because I had a lot of footage to sit through. After reshooting most of the scenes, especially the bathroom scenes I had over 180 clips. I guess its better to have too much than too little. Well, I had to sit and watch all the clips while picking out the best ones. A lot of them had major issues with the continuity between the lighting and then some of them were re-takes due to my sister being excited.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.42.20

182 clips.

After going through all the clips, I chose the best ones and ordered them into a sequence. After doing this I hit a major problem. My film was far too long to meet the criteria, so I had to shorten it and that was not easy.  A lot of the vital parts had to be taken out as the film reached to almost double the time it was supposed to run. I started by cutting out the hallways scenes entirely and skipping straight to the bathroom scenes from the bedroom scenes. I then layered some of the clips on top of others as cutaways to save space and time. The beginning of the edit I used the sound of a ticking clock that I found online and cut to a montage on each tick. This gave the edit a smooth edit as it cuts to the beat of a ticking clock. For me I feel like it makes the video interesting quite early, engaging the audience. I then faded to a title sequence where eerie horror music plays to hopefully keep the audience engaged with the film.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 09.45.55

Here you can see the layered edit after completion.

The living room scenes, I had trouble editing. I wasn’t sure how to cut them together while keeping them short so I took up the same technique and layered the footage. I layered cutaways from the living room scene as Holly counts down giving one second for a cutaway and a second on the countdown scene. The living room scene was ordered in a sequence that would make sense to the audience. Obviously a lot from this scene had to be cut to meet the criteria too and I feel like I had to cut some important scenes such as; the television flickering to different channels, hiding and the crying scenes. These for me are vital scenes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 09.46.31

This is what the final edit looks like.

I then felt like I had to credit my sister as she did a good job at her first time acting in a film, so I made a title sequence. The title sequence was extremely easy to make. I inserted text, animated it to roll and edited the speed and duration. Easy stuff. I then searched for ‘royalty free horror music’ and found a track that I felt would work well with my title sequence. I had to cut it at a point where it could fade out. I couldn’t find anything so I cut it at a note and edited it in Adobe Audition, added reverb and an echo to sustain it.

My edit for me went quite well and I am proud of the edit, however there is always room for improvement. I feel like Hitori Kakurenbo is unfinished due to the cuts. So I think I’m going to make a longer version to develop it further. However since my interest in multi film video art, after this experimental film is finished it will be pushed under the rug as I’m looking forward to experiment with multiple screen art installations.

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