Multi Screen Video Art

I’ve recently been looking at Multi Screen Video Art as a next project, but I want to start small. I had an idea that was inspired by the works of Sam-Taylor Wood, but I don’t think I am ready for that. That film installation is extremely personal and I want it to be perfect. In the mean-time I have been looking at other video artists such as; Dough Aitken, Joan Jonas and of course Sam-Tayor Wood.

The hint I like most about these three artists is that they all use a means of codes and strange techniques to protest their point. Dough Aitken for example projected his multi video art piece ‘sleepwalkers’ on the sides of buildings for the whole world to see. Joan Jonas made a piece about the female identity by deconstructing representations of the female body and the technology of video. She used interrupted video signals. Sam-Taylor Wood is daring. She used the images of a half naked woman and a man staring to protest the sexualisation of the female body. These techniques are really quite powerful and the interaction between screens creates an interaction with the audience. I want to create this atmosphere in my own multi screen art installation.

I really like this art piece because of the techniques and for the fact that it met its aim. This film was made in the early seventies when feminism really started unearth and women’s rights became huge in terms of media. This film meets its aim as a protest against sexism and the sexualisation of the female body. Small clips of women’s body parts, i.e feet, legs, breasts and buttox are continua sly screened as silhouettes until the images become clear. The images of the women become angry using the sounds of electrical signals.

I really enjoy this film because of how it was screened. On the sides of buildings. I think it makes quite an impact on a film maker because it shows you what you can achieve and the reactions or atmosphere you can create. The crowd is silent through-out the running time of this film and the faces of people have dropped. This is the sort of reaction I want to create.

stw stc

Sam Taylor Wood – Sustaining The Crisis (1997)

I found this film quite daring as it really is a direct protest against the sexualisation of women. This film is a multi video art display that depicts a half naked woman on one side and a man staring at her from the other screen. I particularly love this film because of the interaction between two screens. It is definitely something I will look into more.

I chose these examples not because of the themes of women’s rights or protest, but because of the techniques used in the making of these films. I think they are genius! its things like this that get me excited as a film maker because with this kind of film I believe I can create an atmosphere between the screens.


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