Daisies (1966)


Dasies (1966) Short Review

Daisies is a stylish Czechoslovakian comedy-drama film written and directed by Věra Chytilová in 1966. The avant-garde film follows two extremely annoying and destructive teenage girls named Marie, who are on a journey of self discovery as they decide to become ‘bad’. The girls played by Jitka Cerhová and Ivana Karbanová engage in playing a series of ridiculously strange pranks because they believe that the world is ‘spoilt.’ The film is okay and can be quite funny at times, however the repetitive gags and jokes quickly become quite tedious and boring to the point of where you find yourself looking at your watch and thinking of ways to escape. I found myself looking for a spoon with the intention of digging my way out half way through this drole (Irish meaning) 74 minute film. The experimental film is filled with 1960’s feminist propaganda, anarchistic colour, balmy attempts at comedy, juvenile pranks, a narrative that feels like a hacksaw to the skull and a ridiculous plot that doesn’t make sense. The film is quite bold in terms of colour as it uses a range of psychedelic techniques that makes the film very colourful and nice to look at. It also uses a range of shots in black and white that competes with the colour to resemble the corrupt and spoilt world Marie and Marie live in. The use of fresh and decaying fruit tends to be a recurring theme. It starts with an apple tree in a field which would resemble the tree of life from the Garden of Eden. Marie takes a bite of the ‘forbidden fruit’ just as she decides she wants to be bad the scene then cuts to the two adolescents lying on a bed full of fresh and rotten apples. There is also a recurring theme of wastefulness as a direct protest against consumerism and materialism. The final scene of the film made such an impact that it was banned for over a year until being branded as a milestone in New Wave cinema. Overall the film is pretty for the eye, but for the ears it is a nightmare. The characters are far too annoying and the story doesn’t make sense. Its a shame they are crushed at the end of the film and not at the beginning. Dasies is a bold statement, but is seriously lacking in interest as it gets very boring very quickly. Most of the screening time is watching the two abnormal teens stuffing their face with food. In fact the picture above describes the whole film. 4/10


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