Interaction Between Multiple Screens


Daniel Phillips – River Street (2011)

I’m not entirely sure what is drawing me to multiple screens interacting with each other. It moves me so much on an artistic and emotional level that I want to recreate that for somebody else. As I dive deeper into the depths of the video art movement it has become more of a passion. And I’m quite grateful because without this course I may have never discovered the video art movement and would have never seen some of the amazing pieces I now consider inspirational. I guess it is because something so simple as images of a naked woman and a man staring at her on a different screen can mean so much. And I have all this footage from Cape Town to play with and the perspective I left with.

I find it absolutely baffling and completely inspirational, that so many people who have nothing are actually happy because they have nothing to lose. Especially when two minutes in a car or a bus would take them to the Cape Town Waterfront, an incredibly popular tourist attraction. A beautiful full of wealth and anger. They are so close together and very different. What better way to express what I have learned than through the video art movement? Multiple screens, close together, one showing Langa and the other showing Cape Town.


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