Just An Idea


I’ve recently become really interested in video art and I’ve just had an idea for an installation. It requires three things. A tablet (iPad etc), a wheelchair and a morph suit. The idea was sparked when thinking of a documentary I recently watched about the life of Dr. Stephen Hawking. One of Dr. Hawking’s most famous quotes; (“Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” – Stephen Hawking) is considered to be one of the most inspirational quotes in history and it was this quote that gave me the idea.  He is an amazing man and I have no idea what his disability does to him emotionally, or anyone else for that matter. It does scare me though. As it could happen to anyone at any time.

My idea is this. I want to shoot myself in a lit studio with a white background looking as though I am trying to find ways of escaping. Acting like a prisoner. I will then edit the footage to make it seem unorganised and frustrated. I want to then get a morphsuit and fill it with paper or clothing so it takes the form of a person. I will cut out the face and place the tablet over the hole to look as though the iPad is the body’s face. The film will play on a loop on the tablet and the morphsuit will be placed on a wheelchair. It will symbolise not just Stephen Hawking’s disability, but all and the frustration these people have to encounter. My mother is disabled and sometimes requires a wheelchair to do the simplest of tasks, which can be quite upsetting and frustrating for her. My fathers fiancé has cerebral palsy and is sometimes unable to walk. They are both prisoners of their body’s. I realise that this is a touchy subject and it is just an idea that requires much more research, but I also believe it could spark conversation or arguments, which is exactly what I want. I want reaction.


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