Shisha Ad – Take Three

So the re-re-shoot of the shisha advert went quite well. We booked out the studio again and re-used some of the props. However this time we had a working blender. This made a HUGE difference in terms of visuals and especially sound. For this shoot, I took the role of floor manager as we all felt that everyone should get a chance at different roles. Especially because we have had to re-shoot this three times already. I took direction from the director and passed it onto the studio floor. Camera’s, producer, actor etc.

The first major difference between Cooking With John: Take One and Two, is the dialogue and the performance of our actor Tom. Tom did really well the first time as his personality carried the production, however he isn’t an actor and improvising was quite difficult. This time however, he had time to read through the script and become more comfortable in front of the camera. He did a great job. Not only was the actor better, the crew was more accustomed to the equipment in the studio. The first thing we did was create the set, and then we adjusted the lights. Once we were happy, we made a start.

The shoot went really well and quite smoothly too. We had no major issues with lights, sound or the script. It was a lot of fun to work on and not as stressful. We all noticed our skill level has increased through practice and I felt it showed. We were a lot more prepared for the shoot as we decided it would be better if we shot it in scenes.  This made the shoot go far more smoothly as we could re-take any scene if we wanted. It didn’t have to be continuous and by the end of the shoot we were all happy.

 However, it wouldn’t be a shisha advert by Blackburn College students if there wasn’t a huge technical problem which changed the fate of the production. When we got to editing, a lot of things were wrong with the clips. Some of the clips had no sound, which we fixed quite easily by locating the sound file and pairing the sound with the video. This wasn’t the huge technical issue I am talking about though. File 52, was missing. It wasn’t missing, it was just corrupt. We got less than a second of footage. We couldn’t re-shoot that scene because it was the most important scene in the whole advert. The description of the products and the blending. There was no hope for this production. Abandon all hope.


Photo of the set from the podium.

WP_20140115_005 WP_20140115_004

These are from in between takes.


From inside the podium.


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