The Final Time I Ever Want To Hear The Word ‘Shisha’ Again.

It’s quite ironic how the advert that I put the least amount of time in turned out to be the best. I certainly didn’t rush it, but the concept was so simple it really didn’t take very long. This was all planned, written, shot, edited and altered in less than a day. And I could not be happier with the outcome.

This is a rough version of the final shisha advert. FINALLY! The first thing we did was come up with this little concept. It was the first and only idea that was put across by one of the production members. Then we discussed ways to expand on the idea. When we were happy with a final concept, we each sat down and helped write the screenplay. A few alterations and we were in theory ready to shoot.

We booked out a CANON XA10 and a tripod, then recorded the screenplay on a portable voice recorder. The quality wasn’t that great, but it fit well with the concept. Then we shot the advert in a classroom we booked. I took a few establishing shots of the classroom full of ‘bad students’ and the clock to symbolism boredom. Simple, easy and very effective. I then shot the actress nodding to the voice over. Done.

We then took it to edit where we had a small technical issue with the continuity. It was easily fixed though. To fix it we decided to shoot another layer to hide the error. We did this by drawing a ‘Hookah’ on the white board and having the good old ‘John’ pretend to draw it. In the edit we sped this up and placed it over the error.

I then colour corrected the footage manually to make it look older, I also added some noise to give that extra effect, and it worked. I kind of did the same thing with the voice over. I used Adobe Audition and created a multi-track. I downloaded a royalty free vinyl crack sound effect and layered it under the voice over. I also added an effect to make it sound vintage. I added an FFT Equalizer effect and raised the DB. It sounded great.

I plan on adding some music when I get the time, but other than that, it is pretty much done. And I am really proud of it.


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