Video Art typography – Update

I’ve recently been making a Typography video for the poem I wrote last week. The inspiration was struck when I typed ‘Video Art’ into Google images and found a photograph of an exhibition. My poems inspiration came from the news. Recently, close to home, there was a tragic accident. A dog killed a newborn baby and the dog was destroyed on scene. Since the media thrive of story’s like this there have been a lot more reports of ‘dangerous dogs’ attacking people and more dogs are being destroyed from childish propaganda. I hate the fact that people can live to talk about the people they have killed but dogs can’t. What makes them so different? Where are their rights? This is what my poem is about.

I recorded the poem on my phone to start, just to hear what it sounds like. The quality was terrible so I planned to record it properly using the facilities on campus. I also typed out the poem in Adobe Premiere CS6 to order them in three different sequences once I recorded the poem properly.


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