Recording Poetry Is Hard

Today, I recorded my poem to begin the multi screen typography production. I found writing the poem was quite easy because it kind of came naturally to me. However, reading it for development is really hard. I didn’t think of how many things I would need to consider. Clarity of sound, background noise, noise gain etc. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I managed to get into one of the radio suits around the campus to record the sound, however there were quite a few obstacles. The air conditioner made quite a lot of noise, and even after I turned it off, the fan continued to produce irritating sounds that could be picked up on the recorder. The poem needed to be read from a computer screen and the fans from the Mac seemed to ricochet off the walls. I managed to fix this problem with a less sufficient Apple product. An Ipad. After I fixed all the noise and finally had silence, I began to go through sound checks. The recording itself went quite well, it took quite a few tries as I tripped over my words a lot, but I got there in the end.


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