Typography Example

Here is an example of my finished Typography project.


The overall experiment was really difficult in terms of concentration. I found it really difficult to edit the actual video, it became extremely tedious extremely fast. I loved writing the poem and recording it, however difficult it was, I enjoyed it. Creating the video however, I didn’t. It was just so bland and boring, white text on a black background, typing the whole thing out, it was a nightmare. I kept getting distracted and I found it really hard to keep my concentration. I have learned from this experiment though. My technical skills in editing have certainly improved as my knowledge about text wasn’t really at a high level, so my skills have definitely developed. I have also learned that I will never try another project like this. I hated typography before, and I hate it even more now. I felt that there was no creativity in the visual side of my experiment and I didn’t get any satisfaction making it. I will definitely work with poetry again in the future, but my film will be more visually exciting, not just for the audience, but for myself.


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