Nerves of Flab

So today is the day I finally shoot my subconscious video art project and with a lot of thought, I have decided to expand it a little further by filming myself eat, topless. To most people his may not seem like a big deal, but for me it’s difficult. I hate my body, my stretch marks and my man boobs and I especially don’t want people to see it. However, this project is really personal to me. My loss in confidence needs to be revived somehow and I think somehing like this could be exactly what I need. That little push at bettering myself. I really want this to go well as I have no script, which was intended. That way it feels more personal to me. This project has a very personal meaning to me, it will be a way to vent my anger at what I have become, and also a way to create something beautiful. Something that hopefully someone can relate too or take something from it.


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