So Much Shisha Ad Making, So Little Time.

So the council liked the video, however they wanted more. The meeting with the council went quite well, I wasn’t there, but one of the producers met with them to discuss the advert. So they initial reaction to the video was great. They loved the concept and the theme of the video, but the client felt that they wanted more. They gave us a list of suggestions for the advert which we are taking into consideration. However, there are a few issues with the suggestions.

The client wanted us to shoot in a Shisha cafe, but there are a few issues with this. First of all a Shisha cafe is a business, and nobody would ever let the media shoot anything that could potentially put them out of business. Also, I personally feel that shooting in a Shisha cafe is a complete breach of health and safety. The final reason that this is unfeasible is that a Shisha cafe is a place for someone to relax, so they genuinely look like nice places. If we shot in a Shisha cafe, it would more than likely promote Shisha rather than turn people against it.

The client also wanted us to shoot at a building site to get a shot of a cement mixer. This was a little more feasible, but due to the time frame we had, t couldn’t be done. We had to gain confirmation from a building company to shoot on site, we had to sort risk assessments, we had to go through the college. There were too many risks for the production team and the equipment and not enough time to prepare for it.

The final suggestion that for me, is impossible and absolutely ridiculous is the fact that they wanted a shot of someone smoking. I have a couple of issues with this. The first issue is that it is a breach of health and safety. The second issue is that cigarettes have nothing to do with Shisha. Cigarettes is a completely different issue.

I feel that most of the suggestions are kind of ridiculous, however they are clients and we will do our best to support what they need and fins a way to improve the advertisement with out breaking any health and safety violations or our moral codes.



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