Film for Therapy



Something has recently happened in my life which I really struggled with for a long time. I finally found the courage and strength to lose the masses of weight I seemed to put on over night. Which is a great feeling. It’s a great feeling not only because I’m finally doing something about it, but it’s a great feeling because I gave myself that push. The Video Art installation I made about my body really put things in perspective. It made me realize how easy it is to just join a gym, eat a little healthier, go for a run etc. I guess I was afraid of what people would think of me, but after making my film and watching it, watching myself shout at myself, it really helped build a bit of that confidence I lost. It’s amazing, because I made this film for an audience but it really made an impression on myself and how I perceived myself. Self perception is an amazing and therapeutic way of dealing with underlining issues. I think I will work more on self perception because if my film did this to me, what could it do to the people who watch it? Onwards and upwards. 


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