Self Perception – Ideas FMP

Self perception, how we perceive ourselves. I recently made a video on how I perceive myself and how change has affected me for the worse. I perceive myself as this idiot who is addicted to fatty foods and indulges in grotesque eating habits. And it was really difficult to accept this, but it helped. My film gave me the push I needed and I inspired myself to better my health, my body and my mental strength. My film inspires the theme for my FMP. Self Perception, how we perceive ourselves. I wrote in a recent post that my film had given me that extra push as what I saw shocked me, made me feel ashamed of myself. I’ve yet to show it to an audience, but I’m hoping that it will have a similar effect for them as it did for me. This therapy that I had created unintentionally (was it unintentional? was this a product of my subconscious?) hit me so hard that I had to find away to better myself. It inspired me to be better. My hope is that it does the same for my audiences. I may exhibit this alongside my FMP just for experimental and research purposes.

I want to base my FMP around the same sort of subject, I’m not entirely sure what to do, but I know self perception is my base subject. I don’t know, maybe I can make a similar video art installation similar to my fat film. I need a new name for that. I can’t keep calling it ‘fat film’. I think I will call it ‘The Self Perception Theory.’ I’ll develop my ideas in my notebook and post more on my progress later.


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