500 Word Proposal

 Section 1: Review

Through units one till six, I have gained an astonishing amount of transferable skills that I can carry over to my final major project. Some of these skills include; framing shots, lighting, directing, producing, vision mixing and editing. I have also had experience in working with a client, studio work, three camera shoots, location shoots and various other art forms such as; textiles, fine art, and sculpture. I also experimented with lighting, lighting gels, location shoots and film styles from different cultures. Not only have I gained technical skills, I have also gained skills that only derive from experience, such as; working independently and also working within a team. Though I do enjoy working with other people, however I prefer to work alone. All of these skills are transferable and I aim to use the skills I have learned, in practice and help me carry my projects to a new level.

 Section 2: Project Concept

I have been researching and experimenting with video art and I thoroughly enjoy the concept of multiple screens interacting with each other. Through Unit Seven, I have attempted making my own forms of video art by experimenting with; poetry, typography, multi-screen installations, culture and editing. One of my video art experiments inspired my final major project and the concept I have chosen to pursue.  I recently used the studio facilities to my full advantage by lighting a white backdrop and creating an installation about how I perceive myself. This led me to researching ‘the self-perception theory.’ The self-perception theory is the instinct to search your body language to distinguish how you feel and why you feel that way. My aim is to create a four screen installation depicting a confused man as he searches his body language and behaviour to distinguish how he feels. I will use the studio facilities to light a white backdrop, and shoot these scenes with little or no shadowing. This will be my code and my convention for the feeling of emptiness and confusion. I will also edit my art so that it can be played on loop seamlessly, projected on a wall that fills a small room or small section of a room.

Section 3: Evaluation

To conclude, I will use the skills, techniques and research I have gained and use them to develop my ideas, technical abilities and create an art piece to the best of my ability. I will also use social media to my advantage to post updates on my work to receive feedback from tutors and peers to help develop my project. All of my work will also be posted on my blog and all notes will be logged in my final major project notebook.I look forward to starting this project and I’m excited to see how it turns out in exhibition.

 Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography

I have researched video art using various books, websites and videos. I have also visited museums, including a Bruce Nauman exhibition in Preston. I aim to continue to research my project thoroughly throughout. This will ensure the continuity in my work to keep it at a high level.

 Rush, M (2007). Video Art. London: Thames & Hudson. 7-251

 Goldberg, R (2004). Performance Live Art Since The 60’s. London: Thames & Hudson. 6-232.

Wikipedia.(2014). Video Art. Available: http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Art.

Artobserved.(2010). Go See: New York. Barbara Kruger. Available: http://artobserved.com/2010/04/go-see-new-york-barbara-kruger-at-mary-boon-through-may-1st-2010.


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