Ideas Generate

So I’ve been pretty much kicking myself in the head recently and couldn’t think of a decent idea for video art. I almost scrapped video art all together when I had an idea for a short drama. The idea was a hollow man who meets variations of himself who express different emotions. As he wakes up and collects his paper, he see’s his happy self in the post man. Driving to work, stuck in traffic, he see’s himself next to his car honking his horn and screaming at other drivers. At work he finds himself staring at a colleague who is a sad version of himself after he is fired. He goes home and goes to bed, he sleeps and repeat. I do like the idea, but I have my heart set on video art. I love the idea of multiple screens interacting with each other and I needed an idea.

My short drama idea however sparked what I needed. It gave me an idea that I instantly fell in love with. I will write my 500 word proposal and post it in another post.


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