A Visual Insight

In this post I thought it would be a better idea to give some form of visual example of what I want my work to look like in exhibition. There will be four screens projected in a small space, one screen on one side and the the other three opposite. I will show you with a drawing I produced in MS Paint.



Here you can see that the first screen (blank expression) will be projected opposite the other three (anger, sadness and happiness). I have chose this as I want my screens to interact with each other. The point of my FMP is that the character searches his emotions to distinguish how he feels. I feel that presenting my work in this way will accomplish my aims.


I also took some example photographs to show what my screens would depict. This is the first screen which will show my actor with a blank expression or an expression that shows no emotions. This is because I want my actor to be able to search his emotions to distinguish how he feels. The first screen will be the characters real image as the others will just be physical emotions.


The next screen will show happiness and will be installed opposite the blank expression. I am using the three main emotions in my installation.


The next screen will depict anger. and will also be installed opposite the blank expression.


The final screen is sadness.

I am hoping this post will give you more insight into what it is I’m aiming for. The person in these pictures won’t be the actor I use in my final major project. I have started casting, but it is proving to be harder than I thought. I will write a post on my experience with casting.



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