Casting Problems

Casting is proving to take its toll on me. Never have I experienced anything so stressful in my entire life. I managed to find two local actors with experience in short films, but neither of them replied to my email request. Apparently their email addresses on StarNow have to be requested and then accepted by the actor. That for me is ridiculous. If I was an agent looking for talent and I had to request their email, I wouldn’t bother. It seems quite pompous to me. Their emails should be on their page for everyone to see. Ridiculous.

Since my online endeavours were a failure I looked at a local acting group my sister is in. The company is called ReAct Academy and is based in Oswaldtwistle. I visited the school and asked if there were any actors aged 17 – 20 willing to gain some experience, but nobody was interested. I then asked a friend and managed to get a yes. There are some problems with timing as he works a full time job and usually doesn’t finish work till 5pm. This can be a problem, but at this point I’m pretty desperate. He seems like he is right for the part and has had little, but some experience as an actor. I will keep this blog updated if anything goes wrong.


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