Equipment is Tight

Equipment is getting pretty tight as the deadlines draw closer. Everything is booked out. I’m actually surprised that I even managed to book out the studio. I unfortunately haven’t been able to book out a camera. I was hoping to use a Canon XA10 as I have used this camera countless times and I feel like I am confident with it. Since this isn’t happening I am forced to use a DSLR. I have a Canon 70d which has got great filming capabilities, but I’m worried it won’t turn out like I had hoped. I will test the camera in hope that it will be usable. I have booked out the television studio and I am able to use the white backdrop. The lighting kit in the studio is of excellent quality so I am confident I will have no problems with lighting. I also have my own tri-pod, but it’s not really any good. Although, as long as it holds it up I’m quite happy. Other than that I’m ready to shoot. I haven’t gone through dates and time with my actor yet, which could be a problem. I thought I should book before it’s to late. I have booked it a week in advance so the actor has time to sort things out at work. It is also booked for the late afternoon. This gives me a chance to set up before the actor arrives.


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