Shooting Art – The Set Up

So today was a ballache, but the end result is just amazing. I’m extremely happy with it. My actor did a fantastic job and I even won a bet. This is my most productive and most satisfying day on UAL Foundation Art and design. I arrived on campus in the afternoon after I had been to the gym working on my weight (thanks to my therapeutic fat video). When I arrived with my camera I hit a wall when I realised that I forgot my tri-pod, which was quite heartbreaking as I was certain there wouldn’t be any in stores. Luckily there was one lying around which I quickly snapped up. Everything from this point onwards went downhill and I was sure my efforts would have been for nothing. I was also quite worried when I was told that I have to shoot in the photography studio. I wasn’t really worried that it was a photography studio, I was worried about the quality of the lighting kits they had, but I managed to get some lamps from the stores primarily¬†used for film. When I went to the photography studio there was a class and I couldn’t set up. So, at that point I was told the television studio would be the place for me to set up. We went down to the studio to set up the white backdrop which was donated by the art department. We set up the poles but then realised there were no holes on the backdrop for the screws. I suggested a clamp on the end of the poles to secure it, but there were none that fit. Eventually we did find some clamp like inserts. They were a little tight but we were confident that they would do the job. Then things went wrong yet again. When I rolled out the backdrop, I found that the whole thing was covered in paint and was completely unusable. It was useless. After setting up the lights and the poles (which took nearly 45 minutes) we had to unset the whole thing and tidy up before heading back to the photography studio. By this time, the class had finished and only a few students remained. We brought some lights and set them up so that there would be little or no shadowing projected when I shoot. After we set up, there was just the wait until my actor joined us. I did also have some photo’s, but I seemed to misplace them so instead, I drew a picture.



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