What I Should Have Exhibited

I took my peer assessment very seriously and took all comments into consideration. I did disagree with some of the comments made, but some of them I did agreed with, as stated in my evaluation. One of the comments I did take on board and agree with 100% was the colour in the background. Unfortunately I couldn’t exhibit The Self Perception Theory as it was intended, due to the lack of space and equipment. I did think of other ways to exhibit my piece, which included; televisions, iPads and iMacs, however every new idea I thought of wasn’t feasible for the same reasons.

When I edited the piece I added colour in the background to break the images up in exhibition. I wanted them all to be one piece, but the images to be separated as they are not the same emotions. The colours I chose also represented those emotions; red – anger, blue – sadness etc. If The Self Perception Theory had been exhibited as it was intended, the colour would have done well to meet my aims. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and I had to sacrifice quite a lot in such a short space of time, to be able to take part in the exhibition. This being said, I did remake ,y video as it should have been exhibited in the cinema. I removed the colour and it looks much better on a smaller screen now that my piece is one video rather than something that looks broken. I didn’t have access to my final piece, but I did have the uncut footage. I re-edited the whole thing and started from scratch.


I unlinked the sound after inserting the first clip into the sequence.


I then removed the sound.


I added the crop effect.

First Image

Then cropped and moved the image into position.


I repeated this for every clip until it looked like this.

I feel much better about my work now that I have remade the whole thing. I have listened to my peers and took their advise on-board. I have learned the importance of critical assessment through this experience and I thank each and every one of them for their support.



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