Systems and Processes

Photographers to look at:

  • Jan Grover
  • Sol Lewit
  • Maseo Yamamoto
  • Thomas Joshua Cooper
  • Francis Hodgson
  • Robert Frank
  • John Blakemore
  • William Eggleston
  • Ralph Gibson
  • Harry Callahan

Lecture Notes. 15/09/14

A photo is an object, you should be able to feel it, the texture, the size.

“The position of the first picture determines the positions of the rest of the pictures.” – Maseo Yamamoto on exhibiting.

Prix Pictet, a Swiss photography competition based on themes relative to nature. For example; water, fire, earth and wind.


Prix Pictet Shortlist. ‘spill – Daniel Biltra.

Create photography about something, not of something.

Concentrate intently on all areas of the frame, the centre, the edges and everything in between.

Think carefully about how things fit within the frame.

Compose your photographs with attention to how the elements fit within the frame.

Does the design need to be formal, or can it be disorganised in an organised way?

Have a ‘what will happen if?’ attitude to photography.

Explore technology, old and new, become a more complete photography and get a feel for everything available.

Be culturally aware. Learn about art, music, literature, poetry and history. Draw upon these influences and your photography will be richer for it.

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