Objects – Assignment Introduction

For our very first assignment in our Objects module, we have to photograph eight objects. The assignment brief states that we must photograph and print one image for each of these eight objects, edit them and analyze them individually. I may take it one step further and compare a few that are similar. I feel that in doing so, I will improve my observation and analytical skills. The objects we must photograph are as follows;

  • A glass Tumbler of milk
  • A Motorcycle, a motor scooter or a horse.
  • A pushbike
  • An egg
  • A fish
  • A loaf of artisan bread
  • A violin
  • A paperclip

We also have to use a large format camera, work with a classmate and shoot in natural light for at least one of those images. We also have a writing task. We must find three still life photographs from each of these photographers;

  • Josef Sudek
  • John Blakemore
  • Richard Caldicott
  • Jan Groover
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
  • Irving Penn
  • Paulette Tavormina
  • Paul Kenny

We must then analyse all 24 images, describing the composition, the lighting and the image quality in high detail.


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