Strengths and Weaknesses

Using your future career/interests as a basis, what strengths do you have to ensure your future career is facilitated?


Independent – Although this could easily be seen as a ‘weakness,’ I do believe that working independently is important in this industry. Photography gives you individuality and allows creative freedom. When working in a team, it limits these attributes drastically.

Team Work – Although I do prefer to work alone, I am fully capable of working comfortably in a team. I understand that this industry, particularly product photography, working with other people is essential and sometimes even a necessity.

Educated – I don’t like to write this down as it does make me seem over confident or big headed, but I do consider myself to be quite intelligent. I have keen interests in subjects outside of creative media. Things like biology, geography, history and literature. I believe that that these interests give me a creative advantage; as I like to research new ideas and put them into practice.

Organised – I am a bit of a perfectionist which is a great attribute to have. I get extremely obsessive when things don’t look right. I do my best to get things right the first time, with extensive research and obsessively considering the subject. However, things always go wrong, even when organised perfectly. Being obsessive about these things gives me the power to spend hours correcting the issue.

Technical – I am one that enjoys technology. I love to know how things work and why they work that way. Having technical knowledge in this industry gives me a great advantage.

Leadership – I consider myself to be a leader. I am willing to do what is necessary to have a team that works fluently in any industry. I am confident and get straight to the point, however I am also open and encourage new ideas.

Experienced – I have been making films since I was sixteen years old. I am knowledgeable on lighting a film set, framing a camera, editing, sound and I have even made video art performance pieces. I would say that I am well experienced and know what to expect. Though this industry is very different, it has many similarities and I have gained skills as a film maker, that are easily transferable to photography.

What weaknesses do you have or what areas do you need to improve to ensure your career?


Lighting – Though I have experience in lighting film sets, a photography set is much different. I need to learn new lighting skills in order to be a successful photographer.

Framing – This is similar to the weakness above. Framing shots in film are incredibly different in photography and they project different meanings. They even have different languages.

Photography – As expected, my photographic skills are severely lacking. Though I do believe that experience and practice makes perfect.

Establishment – Photography is huge and breaking into the industry is going to be very difficult. If I want to be successful, I have to establish myself in a professional manner in order to gain the respect I want.

People Skills – Dealing with people is something I have always had trouble with, although I am quite confident, I often say things that unintentionally offend people. If I say one thing that makes sense to me, to someone else it may mean something very different.


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