Professional Diagnostic

As part of our Reflective Practitioner module, we had to answer questions as a professional diagnostic of what we want for our future.

Where do you want to work?

The North West.
Great Britain.
Anywhere in the World. √

The United Kingdom is extremely limited in terms of work within the creative industry. There are far more beautiful places and better opportunities elsewhere.

What salary would you be content with, five years after leaving university?

£10,000 pa
£20,000 pa
£30,000 pa √
£40,000 pa

I think five years post grad, £30,000 per annual is extremely reasonable. Especially if I am self employed.

How many hours per week will you be happy to work?

< 10
10 – 30
30 – 50 
50 +

I certainly wouldn’t be earning £30,000 per annual if I worked less than thirty hours per week.

Do you like ‘set’ working hours or do you like changeable hours?

‘set’ in stone 
Quite rigid

I like to organise my time. I couldn’t work under a chaotic schedule.

Do you like an indoor or an outdoor work environment?

All indoor
Mainly indoor                                                           N/A
Mainly outdoor or on the road
All outdoor or on the road.

I pretty much like working both indoor and outdoor equally. Both indoor and outdoor work environments have their advantages and disadvantages.

How important is creativity in a job?

Not at all
A bit
Very √

In terms of my chosen career path, it is crucial to be creative. I doubt anyone would survive in this industry without it,

How do you like to work?

In a small team
In a large team with a busy atmosphere

I prefer to work alone, however I don’t mind working in a small team. Working alone means I am in control of all aspects of the project. Unless of course I am working to a brief.

Do you like routine, such as plenty of breaks, lunch hour and home times?

Not really 
Not at all

Although I do enjoy time at home, I am happiest when working on something creative.

In work, is your attendance and punctuality?

Not that good
Not really 

I have had sick days, but who hasn’t?

Would you like your job to be…

Stable and unchanging?
Steadily developing?

Developing and changing continually?
Rapidly evolving requiring continual study or change? 

I like my work structured, but exciting.

Do you drive?


No interest in learning 
Yes, but very badly

Public transport is cheaper.


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