Professional Diagnostic

Where do you want to work?

I personally would rather work internationally due to the limitations the United Kingdom has to offer within creative media, especially in photography. Sure, there are places to work and maybe even interesting places to work in the UK, but the world is a very big place to explore and there are so many things to see and to show through my eyes.

What salary would you be content with, five years after leaving University?

I would really like to be traveling five years after university, so I would be content with a salary that would fund that comfortably. Photography is not an easy business to get into, but with the right clients and the right advertising I could do commercial work to fund the creative and more passionate side of photography. A salary that would pay for international trips, equipment and comfortable living would be perfect. I imagine I would have to photograph a lot of weddings.

How many hours a week would you be happy to work?

In this sort of business it’s better to be working all the time creatively, but in terms of commercial photography I think between thirty to fifty hours per week would be the most I would work. I certainly wouldn’t be earning the funding I need if I worked any less.

Do you like ‘set’ working hours or do you like changeable hours?

I need a schedule that can be managed easily, of course in this industry I may encounter some last minute bookings, but as long as I had enough time to manage my hours I will be happy. Something chaotic is far to stressful and I would more than likely lose track of time and disappoint clients.

Do you like outdoor work or do you like an indoor environment? 

I really don’t have a preference and if I did, I probably wouldn’t survive in this industry. I will have to work both indoors and outdoors in my many years as a freelance film maker/photographer so if I for example preferred indoors work, the location shoots would be stressful and unenjoyable. Which goes against my belief to never do a job you don’t enjoy.

How important is creativity in a job?

Creativity is the most important attribute to have in creative media, anyone who didn’t consider themselves as a creative person would never survive in the industry. There minds would be slower, problem solving wouldn’t be up to par and brainstorming ideas would be problematic. In terms of other jobs in other industries, I would say that creativity would still be an important asset to have. All skills a creative person develops are completely transferable to all job roles.

How do you like to work?

I personally prefer to work alone. I like to have complete control over what is going on around me when I work. I don’t mind working in a team, in fact sometimes working in a team takes my preference, especially on large projects. I always however, need to be in a directional role to feel comfortable. I am open about being a bit of a control freak in terms of work, but I think it is an attribute to be proud of in this industry.

Do you like routine, such as plenty of breaks, lunch hours and home times?

I do enjoy being at home, where I feel the most comfortable. However, when I work I like to be working continuously. I find that breaks and lunch hours send me off target more often than not. If I wanted a break, I would more than likely eat while I was working. Of course I would choose my moment to devour a sandwich carefully, so that I’m focused on my task.

In work, how is your attendance and punctuality?

Currently my punctuality and attendance needs to be worked on. I work in retail part-time and if I’m honest, I don’t really care much for it. It’s depressing, exhausting, mentally and physically and I hate it. If I enjoy a job, my attendance and punctuality would be much better, but it is something I need to improve if I want to assert myself and sell myself as a professional.

Would you like your job to be…

I would prefer my job to be a little chaotic in terms of actual work, my schedule has to be structured enough to manage but I would like my work to be all over the place. I find that I do work well under pressure, and as much as it is stressful, I do enjoy a chaotic work environment. I also like to face a lot of problems due to the sense of accomplishment I feel when I solve them. I find work much more exciting if it’s difficult, anything to easy bores me.

Do you drive?

I currently don’t drive as I see no reason to. With the cost of fuel, insurance and sustainability constantly moving up, I find it much cheaper to commute by public transport. Obviously this industry requires you to be able to travel to places where public transport cannot, but until that day, I really see no reason to spend all that money on learning how to drive when someone does it for me.


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