SWOT Analysis, Conclusion

I believe that I have strengths that will pull me through the course, my weaknesses also have the power to fail me. Which means that I need to develop an action plan in order to improve my skills and abolish any weaknesses that could alter my chance of success.

In terms of opportunities and threats, photography practically gift wraps these opportunities for you. It really is amazing what you can achieve when you have a camera in your hands

It is a ticket to places nobody else can go. If there is one thing I have learned in this industry, it is that people either love or hate cameras. They love them because a good picture means good advertising, and they hate them because they can see things that they don’t want anybody to see.

It also allows you to build connections, contacts that will last forever if you treat them right. If you don’t, they can be extremely hard to work with. If they are hard to work with then you may not get paid and due to laws based around photography, they don’t actually have too.

However, photography is a creative industry and there is always room for improvement when things go wrong. Whether you’re having trouble with individuality, keeping up with technology or even if you missed that perfect shot. There is always time to improve. And when you do, there is a huge sense of accomplishment which just piles on the incentives to do better.


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