SMART Action Plan

Action Plan

This is my SMART (smart, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) action plan. I devised it into six categories which I felt best described SMART. My aims are my over all goals, my objectives are how I am going to achieve those goals, what I need lists all the things I need in order to organise my progression, obsticals are the problems I may encounter, skills to gain are what I will eventually achieve in terms of skill progression and my deadline is the time I have set in which to achieve my aims.

I have aimed to improve the weaknesses I distinguished when creating my SWOT analysis and listed reasonable and feasible objectives in order to achieve those aims. I chose that specific deadline because that is the submission date for most of the modules in the first semester. By this time I would expect to have met these aims due to the practice I have had during the completion of these modules.


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