Hyperfocal Distance

Picture Formats:

Landscape Rectangle – 2:3
Portrait Rectangle – 3:2
Square – 1:1
Panoramic – 6:17

Hyperfocal Distance

Hyperfocal Distance, to use this technique, work out your optimum focus point by a simple technique rather than vision focusing. To use hyperfocal distance, have a tape measure handy to measure the distance between the camera and the closest point of the image. Hyperfocal distance is the point of focus where everything from half the distance to infinity, falls into the depth of field.

Things I will need;

  • DSLR set to ISO 100, raw and manual.
  • Tripod that is weighted.
  • Remote or cable release.
  • Tape Measure
  • Step ladder.

No camera shake, foreground, midground and background must all be pin sharp.

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