Exploration of Light – Photograph One


Camera: Canon 500D
Focal Length: 75-300mm (235.0mm)
ISO: 1600
Shutter Speed: 1/15
Aperture: f/5.6

For this task I decided to take a photograph I initially had taken for my Objects Brief. This is a photograph of a violin and it’s bow. This photograph was taken in the studio because in order to explore light, I felt that I needed to control it. I used one Bowen light which was positioned in the bottom left hand side of the frame. Viola Diagram

This is a diagram of the studio layout when photographing this violin.

I was aiming to frame the shot in a way that was almost abstract, but still looks like a violin after a few seconds of looking. This is why I positioned the bow across the frame. I feel like my aim was not met, although the bow does its job of distracting the eye, the violin is clearly visible. In terms of lighting, I feel as though my aims were met. I wanted to capture the shape of the violin, but subtly, in order to meet my aims aesthetically. I really love the way the light from the soft box gently caresses the shape, softly illuminating its curves. This, however was done by complete accident. When photographing this object, I had very little knowledge and was unaware of the light horse hair of the bow, acting as a reflector.

 Overall, I believe that this image is quite poor, but in terms of my knowledge at the time, I think my experimentation and curiosity taught me quite a lot about lighting. If I could re-take this photograph, I world change the frame and the positioning of the violin. I believe that compositionally, the bow of the violin is more of an annoyance than a distraction. The position of the violin, especially on the left hand side looks off putting. I would more than likely change the lighting too, depending on the position of the violin. Although, Aesthetically I feel as though I have failed, I have learned a lot from this photograph, so because of that I think I have achieved an even higher goal.

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