Large Depth of Field Landscape – Photo Three


Camera: Canon 500D
Focal Length: 20mm
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 10
Aperture: f/8

I really dislike this photograph, it reminds me of how disappointing this night was. My first aim was to capture the light streams of the Blackpool wheel on the north promenade. However, none of the lights were on. So I decided to pay around and try to capture something to show on peer assessment day. I feel though my photo is aesthetically terrible, I think I executed the technique rather well. I used a wide angle lens (20mm), I had a low ISO and a slow shutter speed. I also used a larger aperture to compensate the shutter speed. I did learn a lot from this photo, and most importantly I learned that photography can be quite unexpectedly disappointing. Peer assessment didn’t really go very well, not just for me, but for most. Only a few managed to use hyper-focal distancing correctly. We were given the chance to reshoot and things turned out much better.


Camera: Canon 500D
Focal Length: 24mm
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 1/40
Aperture: f/22

I like this a lot more. I feel like I accomplished something in terms of aesthetics. This photograph was taken in the Trough of Bowland in the Ribble Valley. I looked back at my hyper-focal distance lecture notes and came prepared this time. I would have used a wider angle lens, but 24mm was the only one available. My ISO was pumped right down to 100, in order to achieve a pin sharp image. My aperture was set to f/22 in order to achieve a greater depth of field, allowing everything to be in pin sharp focus. And my shutter speed was set to 1/40 in order to expose my image correctly. I of course used a tripod for this image as my shutter speed is under 1/60. The use of a tripod, a bag of heavy stones and a shutter release remote allowed me to take the image with no risk of camera shake. I used the 24mm to focus hyper-focally without visually focusing as the brief tasked me to do. I chose this location due to the wall being in the foreground, the house in the mid-ground and the hills in the background. I chose the time of day at around 3:30pm as it was winter and would get dark early. My aim was to capture the light as the sun was setting, though I arrived a bit early and had to leave before the beautiful tungsten glow.


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