A Vase of Flowers – Photograph Four


Camera: Canon 500D
Focal Length: 18-55mm (42.0mm)
ISO: 100
Shutter Speed: 1/250
Aperture: f/10.0

This is one of my favourite photographs from the module. I love how weird and wacky this photograph is and I feel that it is aesthetically beautiful. The subject matter was chosen due to how similar the photographs from previous years were. Although they were all different, the subject matter was the same. I chose this fox as my vase because I believe that all life is as important as the next. I also believe that it is fundamentally important that I spread this message in my photography. People seem to treat animals as objects and this is what I am trying to show. The contrast between faux flowers and the fox creates significant meaning. Though many people would see the fox as fake, it’s not. Or at least it wasn’t at one time. The flowers are not real and lack life, but the flowers didn’t have their lives taken from them. The fox however, did. The fact that this poor animal lost its life so that someone could mount it and use it as a decoration, is wrong.

To achieve this image, I pumped the ISO right down to 100 to maintain a sharp image with no noise. I used my kit lens (18-55mm) as I was quite close to the fox and I was uninterested in depth of field. I set my aperture at f/10.0 in order to keep it all in pin sharp focus, and the shutter speed is at 250th of a second to expose the image correctly. This image was also taken handheld, so a fast shutter speed allowed me to take the image with no camera shake. I achieved the exposure and lighting using my speedlite. I pointed the flash slightly above the frame allowing me to light one side of the fox’s face. This photograph allowed me to explore photography as a way to create meaning and express myself. This project allowed me to think outside the box and create something totally different.


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