An Exploration of Movement – Photograph Five


Camera: Canon 500D
Focal Length: 75-300mm (300mm)
ISO: 400
Shutter Speed: 1/2000
Aperture: f/10

I absolutely adore this photograph. It was taken at Crosby Beach in Liverpool. Home to the Another Place sculptures by Antony Gormley. I decided to explore movement in the decisive moment. I spent roughly five minutes looking through the viewfinder in order to see in a different way. The light was absolutely breathtaking on this day and I think the copper coloured sky contrasts well with the industrial background. When looking through the viewfinder I took a mental note of what was happening within the frame. I noticed the family walking down the beach and the sculptures. I also noticed the industrial estate in the background. I framed them all within the shot and waited. Eventually a bunch of seagulls flew into the shot which is when I took the photo.

I set the ISO at 400 as I needed a fast shutter speed in order to capture the birds and because I was photographing hand held.. I set the aperture at f/10 to get the shot in focus. When I took the photo, I took a few in order to capture the birds. The one I have selected to submit was the best one. I feel like this has met the aims of the brief as it captures the flock of seagulls beautifully in the orange sky. The birds are clear because of the positioning of the frame, allowing them to move between the cranes and towers of the background.


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